Sherlock, Renaissance & Street Photography Award

The whole point of having a blog is so that you keep people up to date with what’s been going on and since it’s been 12 months since my last posting I have failed miserably. Much of that is because I’ve been very busy, (which is great), but how would you ever know that!

Over the last year I’ve taken photos on Sherlock Series II, Outnumbered, Morgan Spurlock’s New Brittania, Case Sensitive II, Silk Series II, Holy Flying Circus, and Ab Fab amongst others. I had the pleasure of taking Jon Hamm’s photo (of Mad Men fame) in a comedy series called The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret for The Independent Film Channel in the US. It was written by and starred David Cross, Will Arnold, Sharon Horgan, Spike Jonze & Blake Harrison (of Inbetweeners fame). A dark, strange and funny show.

And just the other day I shot Dara OBriain, Hugh Dennis & Andy Parsons for the new series of Mock The Week which airs in the summer (pics to follow later). Angst are the production company and Kat Blair & Anya Noakes at PR Matters were brilliant at making it all happen.

I was also very excited last week to hear that some of my images have been chosen as finalists into two photography competitions.  The 1st is the Renaissance Photography Prize 2012. My image (below) is one of 20 finalists (out of over 6000 entries ) and the winner will be announced on the 13th June at the Mall Galleries, London.

And the other is the 2012 International Street Photography Award.

My set of 8 images (many from my A406 North Circular Project) is one of 16 Finalists from over 2,400 entries. The work will be exhibited in the 2012 International Street Photography exhibition at 29-31 Oxford Street from 1 to 30 June and the winners will be announced during the festival. So fingers crossed.

And last but not least I promise to post more regularly than once a year. Cubs honour.

Abandoned gloves of the A406

After 18+ months I’ve pretty much completed the actual hands on photography for my A406 North Circular Road project. If I do walk the road again it will be for something very specific. Over the last month or so I’ve edited it down from over 4500 images to around 100. It’s been a tough, long task and hard to lose many images that I really like, but at this stage one has to be brutal. It’s about how they work together as a group. In light of that I couldn’t justify having 12 individual glove images (as much as I like them!) so I decided to make then into one large image. I was really happy with the result.

Net & Dungeness

Here’s a few personal photos I’ve taken recently.  The B&W one was taken in Dungeness, a strange stark place where crumbling fishing shacks and artists cottages dot the stony shoreline. Looming over them in the background are 2 lighthouses and 2 nuclear powers stations, one decommissioned. Derek Jarman’s former home  ‘Prospect Cottage’ is there, a beautifully kept place with a sculpted garden that somehow defies the elements. It’s a place that’s definitely worth a visit and there is good fish served at the Pilot Inn nearby.

The photo of the net was taken at a friends house down in Sussex. In some ways it’s very banal, but it’s also kind of captivating and alive (and reminds me of an animal snout).

Footballers haircut of the day – No 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8

It’s my birthday today and that of a very good friend of mine, Howard. He is a Newcastle United supporter and todays haircuts are my online gift to him. There’s some goodies in here especially Geoff (amazonian bowl cut ) Nulty and Alan (Jimmy Hill) Gowling.  Style and fashion has always been a massive component of football, but somehow it never made it to the North East.

IPhone Photos – No1

I just downloaded these photos from my IPhone. They were taken using this great app called Hipstamatic. It’s got a great feel to it, rough round the edges with deep saturated colours. Very 1970’s!