Renaissance Photography Prize Exhibition 2011

Just found out that this image (Bounds Green) from my A406 North Circular Project is one of 100 selected images for Renaissance Photography Prize Exhibition 2011. There was over 4500 submissions, so delighted to get selected. The competition has been running for the last four years and all proceeds go the Lavender Trust – a charity that supports the fight against breast cancer. The images will be exhibited at Mall Galleries, London SW1 from 20 – 26 March 2011. You can view the 100 images here

Any of you who who use the A406 will be acutely aware that Bounds Green is a roadworks hell, and has been for years. Everything narrows down into one lane and the traffic trickles by a long row of dilapidated houses. Some are boarded up, some are squatted, some have been knocked down. You don’t see people. It’s quite eerie. I took this image on a cold winters night. I like the way the image divides into 2 halves. It seems to sum up the battle that is going on between road expansion and living.

Footballers haircut of the Day – No 3

After playing for England (Sir) Bobby Charlton decided to give something back to the community and play for Dundee United. He also changed his name. You’d have to with a comb-over like that. Just kidding Sir Bobby.  According to the card ‘Henry Hall is one of the smallest footballers in Scotland. His small stature makes it difficult for opponents to tie him down’.  Now who in their right mind would ever want to tie him down, apart from the Police.

A406 North Circular Project

Here’s some images from a personal project that I’ve been doing on the A406 North Circular Road. When I was a kid I lived in Scotland and my Dad (who is a soldier) was posted to Germany and we drove around the A406 on the way to Dover. I remember being horrified at this filthy, busy road. Little did I know that years later I would become fascinated by it. It’s still busy and filthy, but it’s a road that is very much alive. It goes from one lane to an eight lane motorway. People live on it, work on it. There’s constant roadworks and change. Few people ever stop unless they are stuck in a traffic jam.  I decided to walk around it,  some 29 miles.

My photos focus is on what’s beside the road, be it lines re-painted so many times that they literally have depth, to stairs that lead up to a house that no longer exists. Cars pass like ghosts, glimpsed but never featured.  I’ve done sections during the day, at night, when it’s rained, when it’s snowed.  These are just a few shots, I hope you like them. You can find more on my website (in the personal work section) Later in the year I hope to put on an exhibition and publish a book.

MI High Series V – The main series image

This is the main generic image I shot for MI High Series V (A Kudos production for BBC) which goes out this month on CBBC. I shot the main three actors separately against green screen using Elinchrom Flash heads. To freeze them running I used 3 x 250 Fast Flash Heads (with flash duration up to 1/8000th sec). I then composited them together with a background plate of the spy HQ using Photoshop. It worked surprisingly well and lends itself well to theme of the series which is high adventure. I’ve done the generic shots for the last 3 series and the producer Emma Kingsman-Lloyd has been brave enough to let me to tackle a shot like this.  It takes a bit of planning and time to get it right, but I think the results are worth it. It’s also my daughter’s favourite TV show so I had to do a good job!

Footballers Haircut of the Day – No 2

John Dickson played for Ayr United circa 1975 when this snap was taken – or should it really have been ‘Hair’ United.  My joke is almost as bad as the background colour.

According to the card, John was ‘ A strong running forward and skillful midfield or ‘striking’ forward. Has seen plenty of action in a number of different positions.’

I think that by positions they mean, football, but then again Mr Dickson performance on the pitch may have led to some action off it. Lets face it, it was his only chance….